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Personalized Ceramic Family Portraits

  •    Choose/Pick  your family portraits then I write/fix them on the frame

  • Everything can be customisable like hairstyles, colours, glasses etc

  • 100% handmade with love

  • Eco-friendly products


Handmade with love

"Capturing souls in ceramic portraits."


I am  Saranya Sunkara, and I have been working and living in Vienna, Austria. I have expertise in making personalised ceramic family portraits and then firing and painting them. I have been very interested in handicrafts since I was a child, and then I started to learn pottery, ceramics, painting, etc. by attending special handicraft courses. I like to spend time trying and making exciting things with ceramics or painting, and I use these ceramics and paintings for my home as decoration or to give as gifts to friends or family. A year ago, I was watching Disney Channel on my TV, and I thought I could make similar figures out of ceramics. I started making figurines of me and my husband, which we slowly evolved over the months to make more elegant and beautiful. So my first personalised ceramic portrait frame was ready.

              The exciting thing about my work is that people can pick or choose their own customised ceramic family portraits at my stall, or online or I will customise them as per a photo of your family. Then all the selected portraits are assembled on a chalkboard with wooden frames by glueing the ceramic portraits to the frames and adding custom drawings, special notes, and names. My "precious family love portraits" uniquely celebrate important occasions such as Christmas gifts, Mother's Day, congratulations,  birthdays, engagements and weddings, sports team seasons, graduations, family reunions, and more. The main reason behind doing this work is that I love to work with eco-friendly products like clay and wood, and I wanted to keep families connected in this way.

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