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XL Family portrait is Ideal for above 6 - 15 people.  It hangs on the wall or sits on an easel. Ceramic figures are selected based on your family photo. We add names and headers of your choice. XL frame is available in different colours (Black and wooden).


This is just an example.



1. Choose the correct number of people, pets, hearts, balloons etc (If your group is above 10 persons then please contact us for better planning)

2. Complete the purchase of the frame

3. After placing an order send details to (tell us what you want either a white or black background frame and ice or teddy or rainbow or joysticks ). The easy way is to send us pictures where essential characteristics can be seen.

4. Send your desired portrait header (i.e. "Happy Family or Unsere family), members' names, and other relevant info you would want.

5. The preparation and delivery of the frame will take approximately 1-2 weeks.


Capture the innocence and joy of childhood with our enchanting kid ceramic portraits. Our skilled artisans carefully handcraft each portrait, ensuring that every detail reflects the unique personality and spirit of your child. From their twinkling eyes to their radiant smile, we strive to create lifelike representations that will melt your heart. Choose from a variety of styles, whether it's a playful and whimsical depiction or a classic and timeless portrait, to perfectly capture your child's essence. Preserve the precious memories of their youth with a personalized ceramic masterpiece from our online store, a cherished keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

XL - Xtra large Family portraits 30x43 cm - 6 to 15 persons

  • We would like to be more transparent so we wanted to provide our price list for each item

    Price for ceramic portraits

    • Each adult/kid = 10 euros
    • Dog/cat = 5 euros
    • Heart/balloon = 4 euros
    • Football = 4 euros
    • Rainbow/teddy bear/ ice cream/joystick/flowers = 3 euros

    Price for frames

    4 different types of frames with prices

    • Small frame (12.8x17.8 cm) for 1 -2 persons = 15 euro
    • Medium frame (19.8x24.8 cm) for 2-3 persons = 20 euros
    • Large standard frame (21x29.7 cm) for 4-5 persons = 25 euros
    • XL – extra large frame (30x43 cm) for 6 – 15 persons = 30 euros
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